A Holiday Rock Event for the Whole Family
Featuring former members of  Classic Rock Bands-
The Trans- Siberian Orchestra, Def Leppard, The Irish Tenors
Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper Band and others.

The Wizards of Winter  perform a holiday rock opera titled
" The Christmas Dream"
The story is based around the music of their self titled CD, and their  albums " The Magic of Winter" and
" A Christmas Dream".
WOW will bring their musical intensity, stage theatrics and holiday fun to venues across
the nation again this year. This 12 member ensemble boasts soaring vocal harmonies, precision string instrumentation, powerful percussion and stunning keyboard work, layered around a rich storyboard that evokes December’s past! 
Celebrate the Season with The Wizards!

"The Wizards of Winter" TM is a  Federally registered trademark of  The Wizards of Winter L.LC.
  Music from "Tales Beneath a Northern Star" is a copyright of  The Wizards of Winter L.L.C. 2011