The Wizards of Winter was originally formed in the winter of 2009 as a way to give back to the band's hometown community food pantry that was in dire need of assistance.  What was once simply a group of friends looking to help others in need, has now turned into a musical force that crosses the nation each year.

The project and tour production become bigger every year. 2020 will bring performances in 25+ cities across the US.

Audiences ranging in age from 8 to 80 have come to make the band's Holiday Rock Opera part of their family tradition, by coming to see it year after year.


 Founders, Scott Kelly ( Composer/Keyboardist) and Sharon Kelly ( Flute/Vocals)  still perform in the group till this day. The quality of their original music combined with its message, has attracted world class talent from groups like The Trans- Siberian Orchestra, Def Leppard, The Irish Tenors, Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow, Alice Cooper Band and Broadway who now join them on stage.


“It truly is a Christmas rock opera  comprised of music from our 3 original albums.” Scott Kelly enthuses. “We take the audience on a musical journey inside a snow globe aboard a metaphysical vehicle, the Arctic Flyer, in search of the meaning of Christmas.  Some parts of the story are happy, some are melancholy; our music encompasses the vast range of feelings people experience during the holiday season.  It is an emotional roller coaster ride, told through original compositions that range from ballads to prog-metal. There is something in the show for everyone in the family.”

Indeed, the 12-strong Wizards are making heads swivel with their synergy of the symphonic and the serendipitous, touching hearts and raising a psychic goblet to the roots of progressive rock.  Co-founder, Lead Vocalist/ Flutist, Sharon Kelly states,  “The whole experience of bringing our original music to people is very rewarding. Especially since we see such a wide range of age in the people that attend our shows. Our music truly crosses generational boundaries." 

Come out and see them as they make their annual trek to spread the Spirit of Christmas.




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